Dominant Rubber Doctress

Mistress Dr. Dshuna

Welcome to the Gummi-Krankenhaus (Rubber Hospital) - the Heavy Rubber-Special created only for you. I do act on the highest hygiene standard. I really enjoy packing you in rubber and seeing you helpless and horny in front of me...

As a passionate connoisseur, I lead you into my world of rubber clinic. With your dedication and my guidance we dive into a bizarre adventure. The programs are predetermined. You can trust me and let go, your taboos are always 100% observed.


  • scripts & wishlists
  • intimated contact, barefoot erotic
  • caviar
  • dirty talk, extreme dirty games in general
  • infantilism
  • alcohol, drugs, Procaine & nitrous oxide
  • castration, circumcision etc.


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Domina Dshuna Divine