This will give you an idea of how the process of a session is organized. The rules are listed alphabetically and not negotiable.


The exclusive BDSM facility is located near Winterthur (Switzerland) and is easily accessible by public transport (from the bus stop – 7 minutes by foot) and car (from the motorway exit – 2 minutes by car). For confidentiality reasons, the address will be disclosed upon receipt of the deposit.


Sessions can only be arranged by e-mail. New patients & slaves must apply according to CONTACT. Early appointments are recommended, which increase the possibility I really have time for you. I do not offer same-day appointments. Emails are usually answered within 48 hours.


I expect you to behave like a gentleman at all time. As well you need you know your tendencies. I answer only polite correspondence with personal salutation and sender. It goes without saying that my status remains inviolable.


I am an authentic domina and clinician. This now for nearly 20 years. That means I'm dominant in any case. I am very emphatic and I will respond to you. Your taboos are 100% respected. With sensitive, anxious or less resilient patients I will show my caring side. But be assure that I am always the determining element.


I'm looking for real encounters in which you get involved with me, your Female Domination Rubber Doctress. Are you looking for that too? Then you are right here!


It goes without saying that we are dressed in rubber at the Sexological Latex Clinic. Patients presenting me any way of dressing requests, will find no sympathy, even if the request is written in courtesy form.


My patients have a complete latex wardrobe available. You are free to bring your own special rubber gear if you have some!


My regular price level applies to this program. Negotiations in any form are taken as a lack of appreciation. Such correspondence will be immediately deleted and the sender will be led as "rejected".


I demand a deposit of 50% as a guarantee. This can be done either by Paypal / credit card or e-banking / IBAN.


Of course, in case of a provable emergency such as accident, illness, etc., half of the deposit may be postponed to another day. Postponed session should be booked within 3 months. Thank you for understanding.


The programs are predetermined. In this context I will of course respond to you and always keep taboos 100%. If you need an individual medfet-treatment, then please consult my clinic page:


As a patient, I welcome you with a handshake. You can call me Mistress Dr. Dshuna. I like to sit down for a short conversation with you, to see in what shape you are and possibly to discuss current suffering and necessary treatments once again.


As a slave, you call me as usual Mistress Dshuna and greet me on your knees with the ritual of the shoe-kiss. You can find more under RULES & STANDARDS section.

Wishlist, Scripts & Co.

I am open for inspiration, but I have to decline patients who behave dominant towards me, pure material fetishists or those who wish to meet at eye level, sending me wishlists, screenplays, etc. - thank you for understanding.