I designed this unique program for Heavy-Rubber Fetishists who like to submit to the real power exchange by following my accomplished rubber specialist hands. Choose your favorite scenario:

  • smothe rubber-wellness-treatment for stressed patients
  • rehabilitation & Sensitive Rubber Therapy for anxiety patients
  • spring fasting, detoxification in rubber for health-oriented
  • profound pain therapy for suffering maso-rubber patients
  • acute treatment for emergency patients with various ailments (inform me about your suffering)

Treatment Spectrum

  • ambulant care during the day
  • stationary admission in a single room



  • PUR Rubber Feeling!
  • several latex layers
  • fully rubbered & mummification
  • fixation
  • mask training
  • urine therapy
  • golden shower inhaler
  • mouth opener / extrem gag
  • electro stimulation
  • electro therapy
  • pain therapy of any level
  • urological examination
  • urethra elongation & vibration
  • dilatation
  • catheter
  • irrigation
  • oral forced intake of fluids
  • enemas, also several times
  • rectal examinations, dilations
  • f-machine
  • Venus2000
  • machine sx
  • needling
  • injections under the skin (NaCl)
  • genital injections (NaCl)
  • scrotum infusions (NaCl)
  • tubing
  • respiratory therapy
  • gas mask stress test
  • deprivation
  • latex isolation
  • sweating cures
  • rubberbag
  • straitjacket
  • lying therapie
  • segufix
  • caging

Duration & Tribute


3h    /    6h    /    9h


12h     /    18h    /     24h

After intensive treatment appropriate resting times will be organized. During that you will relax with pleasure in different variations in rubber. You will be also catered properly. Please inform me about possible allergies or if you eat vegan / vegetarian.

The tribute is based on my regular price level. Further information after receipt of your complete application.
It goes without saying that only high-class rubber treatments are carried out for you in the well-equipped bizarre private hospital INSTITUT DIVINE. No disturbing studio operation, no other guests. Exclusive and discreet!


As what kind of patient do you see yourself? I will put together a suitable program for you, according to the treatment spectrum above. In any case, you have to submit an APPLICATION. Complete and truthful information according to CONTACT is expected, to create a profound session which will satisfy both of us. The intensity is adjusted according to your level and 100% taboos are observed. Respect mine too.